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Information about the federal estate tax

When many people think about an estate plan they often think of the taxes involved. The federal estate tax is often first on their list of things they think they or their heirs are going to have to pay for. There are a few things about the federal estate tax that may be interesting for Kent area residents.

First, it is a rather large amount that a person can leave to their heirs before they are hit with an estate tax. In 2015 the amount was $5,430,000 per person. The assets that are included toward this exemption include bank accounts, brokerage accounts, property and personal property. If an estate has more than this exemption one option to reduce their estate is gifting money to family members. A person and their spouse are allowed to give gifts of up to $14,000 for each person each year.

Does a conservation easement make sense in your estate plan?

Kent area residents enjoy beautiful surroundings and gorgeous areas to enjoy nature. There are many parks and other protected natural areas in the Seattle area and the State of Washington. Residents value these natural resources and are grateful to have them. For residents who own land a conservation easement may be a valuable part of a will and estate plan.

In the past we have discussed charitable giving as an important part of estate planning. Many people view our natural resources as important properties that need to be protected. For those who own these valuable properties a conservation easement can be a wonderful way to make sure these natural resources are still there in the decades to come. A conservation easement allows landowners to preserve the land and water for public use. It prohibits the use of the land for development and allows the land to remain a habitat for animals, scenery and recreation.

Guardianships should be chosen carefully

For those in the Kent area who are in need of setting up a guardianship for a vulnerable child or an incapacitated individual, the process may feel overwhelming. Guardians are important in caring for a loved one who can't take care of themselves. But there are many issues with guardians taking advantage of the people they are supposed to be caring for.

Because of this, and other, problems, there is a movement across the country urging the legal system to reform the guardianship laws. Many reports have shown that guardianships may be too easy to obtain and hard to reverse if there is a need. Meanwhile the vulnerable can easily be neglected by a system that is overcrowded and may not have enough people checking to make sure they are ok.

Planning for the unexpected

No one in the Kent area believes their life is going to take a sudden turn for the worse. For many of us that's true but an injury that causes a person's incapacitation can happen at any time. Health care directives are important in the event that a serious injury leads to a person's incapacitation.

A serious injury that leads to a person not being able to make medical decisions for themselves is a devastating event for a family. If an event occurs which causes incapacitation the injured person often doesn't have control over their medical or economic decisions. This is why it is important to plan for these events. If a power of attorney is set up before a catastrophic event, a person chooses who they want to be their health care representative. They can also set up a power of attorney for financial matters.

A financial inventory can be crucial for estate planning

No one wants to think of their inevitable death. But, estate planning can go a long way in making a family feel secure in their financial decisions. One important document that can be extremely beneficial to an estate plan is a financial inventory.

A financial inventory can help a person's heirs or their estate executor once the testator is gone. It includes all of a person's financial accounts and the contact people for these accounts. A thorough financial inventory will include the date it was completed. It will also contain three types of information including accounts, people and papers.

Newlyweds should think about their estate plan

The thrill of a wedding is something that gets brides and grooms excited for months in advance of the actual event. A person's wedding is one of the happiest days of their lives and is an event that is anticipated by everyone in the family. But after the wedding there are certain important things that newlyweds should think about and one of those is estate planning.

Although the last thing a newlywed wants to think about is their death but there are certain things newlyweds should do as far as estate planning. First they should update the beneficiary information on their accounts that include 401Ks, life insurance and other retirement accounts.

An estate plan can include nonprofits

When people think about what will happen after they die they typically hope that other people remember them for a long time. No one wants to be forgotten. Establishing an estate plan that includes a legacy of giving, along with passing assets to an heir, can be a wonderful way to ensure a person's name lives on long after the person gone.

Leaving a legacy of giving is a great way to have a person's name live on after the person has passed away. Everyone wants their lives to have an impact and helping others through charitable giving is something that Kent area residents consistently do. If people are thinking about giving to a charity through a charitable trust they may first want to think about what values they find important and choose organizations based on those values. A person would also want to think about whether they want their gift to remain a quiet matter or if they want public recognition.

Do-it-yourself estate planning may not be the best idea

Most Kent area residents know the importance of having an estate plan. Although most people know that estate plans are valuable some may think that they can be expensive. Do-it-yourself estate plans are available but can often lead to confusion.

Most people don't want to think about their death but it will happen to everyone. It is important for everyone to think about what will happen to them and their property when they become incapacitated and their death occurs. An estate plan is the way for people to legally state what their wishes are. An estate plan usually consists of a will, a power of attorney and an advanced health care directive (living will). The will can address how a person's assets are distributed after death. The power of attorney can delegate who will make the decisions regarding finances on the person's behalf, if the person is unable to do so themselves. Finally, the living will has instructions on health care interventions that should be done if the person becomes incapacitated.

Estate attorneys help with long-term care planning

As we discussed in last week's blog post, long-term care planning with a living will can be very important when a person faces a health emergency. Kent residents who do not have a living will may want to explore the advantages of having one drafted.

Now that there is a large population reaching an advanced age, living wills are becoming more and more popular. Most people want control over what happens to them if they are no longer able to make health care decisions and a living will is the way to specify health care directives to loved ones. And for those who are younger, a living will can be important if a person is involved in an unexpected accident.

What is a living will and how can it benefit me?

Many Kent residents have a will or trust in place, but what about a living will? A living will is a legal document that details the type of medical care a person wishes to receive should he or she become incapacitated and unable to express his or her wishes. Read on to learn more about this document and the benefits it offers.

Any competent adult can create a living will. The will includes details about the types of medical care the person does and does not want. The directions, however, must be reasonable and enforced by the doctor. The will can also allow for someone to make health care decisions on behalf of the person should there be a situation not outlined in the document.

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