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August 2016 Archives

Without a will, a person's wishes may not be honored

Most Kent area residents know the importance of an estate plan, but many have not taken the time to create a will, trust, or health care directive. Many may think that when they die, their estate will go to their loved ones; however, it can be more complicated than what one might thing, which is why having a will is so important.

Estate planning for younger people

Almost all Kent area residents know how important estate planning is. Estate planning is not just wills and trusts, but also power of attorney designation, health care planning and more. For young people, estate planning may seem to be something for older people. But, young people also need to take a look at estate planning and how some options are important no matter what age a person is.

Regularly revisiting an estate plan is a good idea

Most Kent area residents understand the importance of regularly visiting the doctor and dentist to keep them in good health. But another area of their life that should be revisited is their estate plan, including their will, trusts, and health care directives. There are many life changes that can impact an estate plan.

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