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March 2017 Archives

What happens to personal property when a tenant lives alone?

While it may seem like those who rent their homes, rather than own their home, do not have much of a reason to consider estate planning, this is not the case. It is important for tenants to make sure their affairs will be handled appropriately after their death. Two years ago, Washington enacted a law that allows a tenant who lives alone in a rented dwelling unit to designate a person to act on their behalf after they die, and to avoid the time and expense associated with probate.

What are a guardian's duties?

In Washington, guardians may be appointed to assist and protect a person who is legally unable to manage their own affairs because of an incapacity. Guardians are placed in a high position of trust and owe the greatest duty of care to that incapacitated person.

Planning for future medical care

Individuals may face the day that they must rely on others to make medical decisions for them when they no longer have this ability. Washington has several legal requirements governing health care directives or durable powers of attorney for health care. These advance directives are the best option for assuring that the medical treatment one receives reflects their wishes when that person is unable to express them.

Reasons why people have not completed a will

Although many residents of Kent know the importance of having a will, many still have not created one. Only 58 percent of baby boomers have estate planning documents and the numbers get worse as people get younger. Sixty-four percent of those aged 37 to 52 do not have a will, and 78 percent of those 18 to 36 do not have a will.

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