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National Estate Planning Awareness Week recently observed

Most Kent area residents understand the value of estate planning. But for those who haven't taken the time to get their affairs in order, it is National Estate Planning Awareness Week, which is a nationwide campaign to educate people that estate planning is not only for the very wealthy.

Over 50 percent of Americans do not have a will, which is why National Estate Planning Awareness Week is so important. Millennials appear to be the least prepared for an unexpected death. Many times millennials think that because they don't have a large amount of assets they don't need an estate plan. But aspects of an estate plan, such as a will or trust, can help take care of other important matters. These can include guiding doctors in a health care emergency and identifying guardians for a person's children.

It is important for a young person, or anyone, to know that something crazy could happen to them at any time. Being prepared for these events can ensure that their health care, their children, and their assets will be respected and protected. Putting off estate planning is common, but estate planning has benefits for everyone. An attorney who specializes in estate planning is skilled in working with clients of all ages. They know that each family is unique and has their own needs, A family may have children from prior relationships, a new business, no children or assets, and many other situations.

An estate plan is the best way to prepare for the unexpected. There are many non-financial reasons to create an estate plan, including preparing for medical emergencies and caring for children.

Source:, "National Estate Planning Awareness Week", accessed on Oct. 23, 2017

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