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What will happen if you can no longer care for yourself?

It is a terrifying prospect to consider for a Kent resident. One day they are living their life, enjoying the many people and activities that bring happiness into their existence, and the next they are alive but unable to communicate or respond to those who address them. This is a reality for an unfortunate number of individuals who suffer life-altering accidents and injuries and who suddenly become dependent on the care and decision-making power of others to survive. It is also a reality for older Washingtonians who through illness and time gradually lose the capacity to make sound decisions about their care.

Regardless of how a person arrives in a state where they can no longer decide how best to see to their personal needs, it is important for them to understand before such a situation occurs that they have options for preparing for this scenario. Through the execution of directives and living wills individuals can make their desires known for how they want their care to be provided and who they will allow to make decisions on their behalf.

Health care directives, advance directives and directives to doctors can guide the care of individuals who cannot verbalize their wishes. Having these and other documents included in one's estate plan can provide piece of mind to the documents' creators and clarity to those who may eventually be tasked with providing care for the creators of the directives.

Jennifer Rydberg, attorney at law, supports her long term care and estate planning clients with the creation of these and other estate planning tools. Her law firm is available to work with new and existing clients who wish to make legally sound decisions about their futures and who want to have the right tools in place to have their desires enforced.

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